Parisian Borders


It’s been a time coming, but today I’m finally releasing my short story!

It’s my first time releasing something like this on my own, and it’s quite exciting.

Louis is an upstart teenager, ready to become part of his parent’s cause. But when they decide to leave the rebellion and run from their homecity of Paris, Louis finds himself forced to make the decisions for them as they run from the government.

Get it: HERE

I’m planning on launching more of these! As I write short stories to prepare for my full length novels anyway.

Here’s some reviews by my fellow writers:

Parisian Borders is a compelling story of a boy and his family trying to escape the confines of dystopian Paris on their way to a better future.  With plenty of tension surrounding the plot, Nick pulls the reader along with the characters as they face ever mounting odds in their attempted exodus.  I personally enjoyed how the author obliges the reader to get in touch with the characters in the story, making it feel as though they were part of the tale.  A Very well written story. – O’ree Williams

Nick Franck’s “Parisian Borders” is thrill ride through a dystopian society that regulates childbirth with an iron hand. A promising debut, Franck’s protagonist is a headstrong teen about to learn the lesson of his life. I look forward to further adventures. – Barton K. Mann

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