Week three: Habits


Writing is tough.

It’s a thought that races through all of our minds at the moments where the writing isn’t churning at light speed. The moments where you stare out of your window, looking at anything and everything, for as long as it takes you away from the inherent frustration of your computer screen.

I suffer from it too, as all writers do. And it’s been a struggle for me for the past seven years. It’s often been the thing that’s made me quit as well. Because why would you continue doing something you get frustrated by so much?

But since setting myself a clear deadline (which I’m still not sure of I’ll make) achieving that flow hasn’t only remained tough. It’s become necessary. Because without it, I won’t reach my goal. So I turned to the oldest writing advice in existence.

To write, one must make it into a habit. So I’m trying just that. I’ve begun to notice that writing in the mornings is the moment for me. I wake up a little earlier, then punch out words as if they are nothing. Then, when I come home after my day job, I often find myself wanting to write again. More so, than in the past. Why is this?

All throughout my writing ‘career’, the evenings have always been a bad time. I was tired. Just plain bored. And the day had made me too detached from my stories, making it feel as if the day job came in between me, and my writing. But by making sure I write before I go to work, that changes.

By the evening, most of us aren’t completely in control anymore. We’re tired, feel we deserve some rest. But there’s a trick to it.

If you’ve already written on any given day, it will feel less like a challenge.
It’s always easier to write today, when you’ve written yesterday.

It’s often said that any writing advice, is bad advice, but this one, this one works for me. Write almost every day. Don’t give your mind the ability to come in between you and your writing. Build a habit. Wake up early.

It’s made it so I’ve reached somewhere around 25k words now. In two weeks’ time. To be honest, I’m quite proud of that.

Only a 100k more to go.

Wish me luck!

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