Week four: Fun when writing


Writing should be fun.

But we often feel like it’s anything bet, yet we keep coming back to it, as if we’re all masochists enjoying the pain. But, what I’ve found, is what hurts the most, is not writing, when you were planning to. If there’s a valid reason, it’s not that much of a problem.
But when it’s because you simply decided you won’t write, or because you’ve procrastinated the evening away, this stress accumulates. And eventually, you’ll start to resent the writing.

And that delivers some pretty shoddy writing all on its own. Which causes you to hate it even more, etc,…

It’s a difficult thing to work around, and it’s been plaguing me for years now.

On this project, apart from not having the time not to like writing, or skip days (which helps, to be honest), I’ve found the fun in it all again.

With every idea you get in your head, there’s always certain things that excite you for it. Which is why they pop up, and almost force you to write them. It’s that specific aspect of the story which you need to remember.
For me, it’s the characters to this story. All throughout it’s conception, their interactions are what have stuck out the most for me. Their differences cause them to have interesting dialogue with one another, and I’m letting that drive me through the story. Instead of focussing just on the outline, and what I should be writing.

As such, I’m glad to report that I’ve reached 38k words in three weeks time. Which means I’m about 4k ahead of what I’d projected. Which means I’m still on track! And I’ve yet to lose my mind!

What’s the thing excites you most about your story? And how do you keep yourself from loathing the writing process?

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