Week five: The middle


I’ve written 50k words in this book now. It’s not exactly the middle yet, but it’s feeling like it. That sense where the beginning seems ages away, and the ending seems like this thing you’re reaching for. But keep missing.

What I’ve found is the most important, is a roadmap. Which is the reason why I outline. If I didn’t, moments like this would cause me to stop I think. I’d have no idea where to go, or my idea’s wouldn’t fit with one another. But now, with my way too long of an outline to guide me, I don’t feel like my momentum’s dropping.

I’m at the point where I’m starting to think about the story’s effect though.

You see, the story is effectively, three stories all wrapped into one. Within those three stories, the future of Pinnacle, the city where it all takes place, is determined. But, while the themes in those stories are quite similar, there’s the problem with the content which I’m kind of worried about. Diane, and Vale’s story is sits in some of the more typical types of stories. They’re actually adventure fantasy, more than anything else.

But Felix’s story, is a little different. Felix is a spy from a different country with the ability to make other’s better. No matter who he sees doing something, he can identify ways they can improve in. This caused his father, the Emperor, to train him to be a spy. But Felix has a bit of an anxiety problem. Which makes it tougher for him.

In the story, he latches on to a sport’s team. Which causes his story to be more of a sport’s story altogether, with some spying in between. Now I thought that would be quite interesting, and maybe even something that hasn’t been done that much before. But now, other doubts have taken hold.

What do you guys think? Is it too different from the rest of the plot? Or do you think it might fit in?

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