Week six: coasting along


There’s not that much to report this week. My habit of waking up in the mornings is running strong. It makes it seem vain and vapid to have ignored that advice for seven years. But the mere act of waking up, specifically to write, almost makes it easy to maintain this tempo.

I’m at 65k words now. Which means I’m 9k ahead of what I should be. This puts me in a very relaxed situation, but also presents a danger of course.

It’s easy to fall into a sense of false security. To think it’s not a problem not to write. Which is something I’m guarding with my life, almost. Even when I’m getting tired, I still put the alarm at 6.20. With the idea to wake up by 6.10 by March. All the way, until I get to 6AM, which allows me almost two hours of writing time before going to my day job.

For next week, I’ll aim for at least 80k words. I have about five weeks left now. And if I keep going at this speed, I’ll reach the end of the book just in time. But that’s more or less because I chose to embark on this crazy quest.

But at this moment, it’s looking good. And to be entirely honest, it feels amazing.

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