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For once, I’m going to join the resolution game. Since I’ve chosen to do something that might seem crazy, probably is, but which I will still (try to) do.

The part I struggle most with in writing, is the editing. I meander, fail to see what should be fixed, and fix what shouldn’t. Then make notice of that and get frustrated along the way. Feeling the need to shore up my knowledge and to improve that area of my writing, I started looking up online classes. One of which was Jericho Writer’s Self-Editing your novel course.

This course starts on the 24th of March (since I was too late for the one in January) and requires you to have a WIP to edit. Now, I was already bungling my way through the third draft of another book, and somehow it didn’t feel appropriate to use that one for the course. Since I got the sense it would be difficult to approach the class with as much enthusiasm as I should be able to give it, were I to use something I already edited, I might not be able to do that. Since that’s something I struggle with in editing. I always feel like I’m sucking the joy out of my projects.
And try as I might not to admit this, there was also a story brewing in my mind by then. It had been on the back burner for about a year or so. It felt ready to start writing it.

So that’s what I’m going to do. Before the 24th of March. Which gives me about three months to write it. Since I’ve estimated the book to be about 150.000 words, that’s going to be… interesting. But while it is filling me with no small amount of dread, I also feel ready to get to it. As if I’m finally challenging myself, instead of coasting along.

To force myself to keep writing at it, I’m planning to check in weekly here. To tell how far I am, to show the word counts, to talk about the troubles I’m facing. To vent, for one, and to keep the momentum going.

So, look forward to that, and if you’re interested in the course I’m about to follow, here’s the URL to it:
It has a succes-rate of about 1/5 people getting published who follow it. Which sounds very, very interesting.

Curious to see if I make it in time? Or to see me lose my sanity while I’m doing this?

Then watch the rambling page closely:

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