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Week seven: Outline like water


Week seven is finished, and instead of going utterly insane, I’ve reached the 79k words mark. More than I’d ever dreamed I might get. But instead of the words feeling cheap because of the amount of them I vomit each and every day, I feel like I’m getting to be more in touch with my story. More so than in the past. This is great for keeping it going, for remembering where I am in...

Week six: coasting along


There’s not that much to report this week. My habit of waking up in the mornings is running strong. It makes it seem vain and vapid to have ignored that advice for seven years. But the mere act of waking up, specifically to write, almost makes it easy to maintain this tempo. I’m at 65k words now. Which means I’m 9k ahead of what I should be. This puts me in a very relaxed situation, but also...

Week five: The middle


I’ve written 50k words in this book now. It’s not exactly the middle yet, but it’s feeling like it. That sense where the beginning seems ages away, and the ending seems like this thing you’re reaching for. But keep missing. What I’ve found is the most important, is a roadmap. Which is the reason why I outline. If I didn’t, moments like this would cause me to...


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