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The end


There aren’t many things that feel better than writing, ‘The End’. And I’m glad to tell you that I’ve reached that point, yet again. Right on the dot as well, as today was deadline day. I started this journey at the beginning of the year. Looking to finish the book by the 24th of March. Tomorrow. I knew the book would be longer than what I usually wrote, but the...

Week seven: Outline like water


Week seven is finished, and instead of going utterly insane, I’ve reached the 79k words mark. More than I’d ever dreamed I might get. But instead of the words feeling cheap because of the amount of them I vomit each and every day, I feel like I’m getting to be more in touch with my story. More so than in the past. This is great for keeping it going, for remembering where I am in...

Week six: coasting along


There’s not that much to report this week. My habit of waking up in the mornings is running strong. It makes it seem vain and vapid to have ignored that advice for seven years. But the mere act of waking up, specifically to write, almost makes it easy to maintain this tempo. I’m at 65k words now. Which means I’m 9k ahead of what I should be. This puts me in a very relaxed situation, but also...

Week five: The middle


I’ve written 50k words in this book now. It’s not exactly the middle yet, but it’s feeling like it. That sense where the beginning seems ages away, and the ending seems like this thing you’re reaching for. But keep missing. What I’ve found is the most important, is a roadmap. Which is the reason why I outline. If I didn’t, moments like this would cause me to...

Week four: Fun when writing


Writing should be fun. But we often feel like it’s anything bet, yet we keep coming back to it, as if we’re all masochists enjoying the pain. But, what I’ve found, is what hurts the most, is not writing, when you were planning to. If there’s a valid reason, it’s not that much of a problem.But when it’s because you simply decided you won’t write, or...

Week three: Habits


Writing is tough. It’s a thought that races through all of our minds at the moments where the writing isn’t churning at light speed. The moments where you stare out of your window, looking at anything and everything, for as long as it takes you away from the inherent frustration of your computer screen. I suffer from it too, as all writers do. And it’s been a struggle for me for the past seven...

Week two: Of sinuses and headaches


Hey everyone, and welcome to my weekly report on writing this book on a much too short time frame. This week, I finally could start the writing itself. And, as is typical for moments like this, I got sick. By Monday, the headache was already present. But bearable. By Tuesday I failed to look at a screen for longer than half an hour. Wednesday, I slept for at least twelve hours, still feeling...

Week One: The snowflake method


When I first started writing, I had the same idea most, or at least, many new writers have. All I wanted to do, was write the damn book. Get it out there, I’d made the decision to write, so that’s what I wanted to do.So I did, then edited it, got a headache, maybe cried a little along the way. Then sent that chaos of a book to my friends and… let’s just say it wasn’t...

Resolutions for 2020


For once, I’m going to join the resolution game. Since I’ve chosen to do something that might seem crazy, probably is, but which I will still (try to) do. The part I struggle most with in writing, is the editing. I meander, fail to see what should be fixed, and fix what shouldn’t. Then make notice of that and get frustrated along the way. Feeling the need to shore up my...

Parisian Borders


It’s been a time coming, but today I’m finally releasing my short story! It’s my first time releasing something like this on my own, and it’s quite exciting. Louis is an upstart teenager, ready to become part of his parent’s cause. But when they decide to leave the rebellion and run from their homecity of Paris, Louis finds himself forced to make the decisions for them as...


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